Congratulations to Annlin Chao and the team that created the animated clip for WINNING the title of ‘Remi Winner’ at the Worldfest Houston International Film Festival.

“Travelling Through Brush & Ink” is a stop-motion animation of a little modern man travelling through four significant ancient Chinese paintings, transforming himself into animals and plants, essentially becoming part of nature.  Each painting represents four important stages of landscape art in Chinese history.  Based on the original paintings, the team built the sets and animated characters inside – all frame by frame.  The animation is the opening film of the 2016 annual exhibition National Palace Museum Taiwan.

The credits go to:

Director: Annlin Chao

Art Director: Pu Chen

Comoposer: Pi Chiu

Colour Design: Kuan Hung Chen

Film Editing: Chia-Hung Lin, Ping-Kuei Lin

Scene Design: Ren-Hao Cai, Jia, Jen Syu

Graphic Design: Chun-Yang Chen

Special Effects: Yo-Cheng Zhen

Lighting Assist: Chan Wn Liang

Assistant Animation: Lu Chang, Petula Hsiao, Jamie Xuan, Chen Leo, Hung-Xie Chia, Szu-Yu Tu, Lee te Yi

Executive Producer: National Palace Museum, Taiwan

Executive: 247 Visualart

Production: XXtralab


The process of making the video was quite neat.  See the making of it, here.

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