About Magnolia

We, at Magnolia Magazine, wants to thank you for your readership and your contributions.   Magnolia was originally created with a goal to bring fashion, beauty and culture around the world into the Calgary scene.  Over the past couple of years, Magnolia’s vision has evolved.

2017 marks a new beginning for Magnolia.  With a slight change in branding, change in content and change in direction altogether.

Magnolia’s Manifesto – moving forward –  is to bring you a creatively narrative and sometimes comedic look at the quickly blurring Asian Pacific cultures that are changing in the modern western world.

We will try to accomplish that by bringing our Asian Pacific heritage; all it’s secrets, artistry and traditions, to create a mosaic of a new culture as we try to fit in.  We will uncover fashion, beauty, art, culture& travel.  If that doesn’t work, at least we’ll start a conversation.

~ Glorifé Simon,
Founder | Editor of Magnolia Magazine






Editor In Chief | Founder

Glorife Simon is the Editor of Magnolia Magazine. She is a mother of 3 and lives in Calgary, Alberta. Glorife believes that we are born in this world to serve those in need, only then will we find happiness. Some day she would like to travel the world helping those in need and experience different cultures first hand.