Queen B as been a busy bee (pardon the pun). Seems like it was just last week that she launched IVY PARK, a fitness line for her legion of young girls to motivate movement, now there is buzz (sorry, can’t help it) about a new HBO video with something having to do with “Lemonade,” which I’m guess, has nothing to do with lemons. What does this mean? HBO is being a little cryptic about the details on the project, but we are promised that it will be a great movie. Will their be music videos, background scenes of her life – her tour? Watch the trailer above, and let us know what you think.

UPDATE: So Beyoncé released a new album via tidal! It’s a visual album, so it streams music videos. Some of the videos were shown on her HBO special Saturday night.  Stream the album #LEMONADE on Tidal. 

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