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Tiffany Pratt

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When some people put colour into their home, they don’t really know where to start.  Should I keep the colours in my home in the same colour story? Should I shy away from colours altogether? What is it?

Most people shy away from colours, patters, crossing colours and patterns, but not Interior Designer & HGTV design darling, Tiffany Pratt.  She wears her true colours on the outside and it’s absolutely amazing.

With help from Reformation PR, we asked Tiffany a few questions to understand what we can expect and learn at the Calgary Home & Garden Show March 2- 5th.

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1.) What will you be talking about at this year’s Calgary Home and Garden Show? What can Show guests expect from your presentation?

TP: This will be my first time appearing at the Home Show in Calgary! YAY! But I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new and kind souls! I’ll be sharing a personal story about my ‘Rainbow Connection’. And talk about why I feel injecting colour into your life is so healing and transformative. Introducing a bright range of colours into your life and home is accessible and also inspirational!

2.) Could you identify three to four current design trends that you are seeing / adopting in your work?

TP: I am not one for trends, but I do have a few things that I love:
1-Play on scale. Items in a room that are sized so the eye has a place to dance.
2-Print. Without textures and prints there is no rhythm in a room.
3-Colour. Colour adds energy and personality like nothing else.
4-Reflective surfaces. Mirrors, glass, lucite and varied plastics. They add a necessary sparkle!

3.) Your website and your personal style is very colourful…How much colour finds its way into your design work?

TP: I have now become synonymous with colour, I do not get invited to design for projects that are monochromatic. Colour is the way. Colour is my way. Colour finds a way. Colour is design to me.

3a.) How important is colour?
TP: Very!

3b.) What’s your favourite colour?
TP: Pink!

4.) You describe yourself as a “maker.” What does that mean for you? What are some of the favourite projects you have made?

TP: There is nothing more empowering than making something with your own hands. The creative process of transforming something ordinary into something extraordinary is life to me. Designing my Canvas Collection clothing was dreams. I wanted to give women the perfect blank canvas for when they are creating and making. I love the fact the clothing looks chic on its own, and it can also carry the patina of DIYs and home improvement projects. My book This Can Be Beautiful is also a favourite thing made by me. With over forty DIY projects, conceiving the content and writing it is a lifelong dream come true. The tie dyed sheets are especially magical and I could make sets of those all day every day for people on my gift list.

5.) How do you describe your design philosophy? What does that mean – in literal terms – for your design clients?

TP: I always want to joy and happiness to be the end result. With clients, it’s important to understand the essence of a person and their needs. Giving them a physical representation of their personality is my ultimate design philosophy. And when we hit the sweet spot it always leads to joy and happiness. I always want clients to feel represented, understood and inspired.

6.) The words beauty and beautiful come up a lot on your website…What do you consider beautiful?

TP: Life. Everything. Truly, everything is beautiful we just have to choose to see things that way.

7.) What is your advice for someone who is looking to make their home space beautiful? 7a.) Where should they start? What should they consider?

TP: Paint is the most transformational and inexpensive way to refresh and redecorate your home. Once you have a new coat of paint on walls, or objects, you can get to the business of frosting. I do not believe you have to overhaul your whole life to make things feel new! Move things around! Paint it up! A newly renovated space is just a few brush strokes away!

Good design comes from great function and flow. If you live an organized life where everything has a place, beauty can be infused into the nooks and crannies so you are surrounded by things that make you feel at home. Work with a designer that listens, observes and learns about you and what you need to live a functional life.

Tiffany’s Book Giveaway! | Image via

We are giving away a few goodies from Tiffany Pratt’s signature collection and a pair of tickets to the Calgary Home & Garden Show March2-5th, so you can see her Live, along with other special guests!

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