A Culinary Celebration With PCFC: Canada’s 150th and 119 years of Philippine independence

The three main islands that make up the Philippines. a take on the traditional kalbasa dishTaho. mango, ube and original. a tribute to the street vendors who sell the snack that kids enjoy.a lamb dish cooked perfectly.a flipino favorite done differently, but compliments with similar taste. a molecular gastronomical tribute to the Filipino flag

Happy Independence Day, Philippines! Today is the 119th year of Philippine Independence from Spanish colonial rule. This is the same year that Canada turns 150 years on July 1st.  What a better way to celebrate than to come together and feast?

While the Philippines will be celebrating with a country-wide fiesta, Here in Canada, the Filipino citizens will be trying to match their pride along with their own in celebrating two glorious historical days.  The Chef’s of the Philippine Culinary Federation of Canada will be celebrating in kind on June 19th, 2017 with a fundraising Gala.  Ticket inquiries can be made at info@philippineculinaryfederation.ca.  Seating is limited.

The action shot above shows the Chefs (in Chef’s white) that will be showcasing their creations and collaborations at the Gala: (Left to right) Merri Lim, Carlos Bongala, Norben Sayon, Enrique Asuncion, Mars Bacani, Ely Rowen, Frederico Jr. Causapig

The evening of the gala will be a celebration of pride for Chefs; both as residents of the Canada as it turns 150 years old – of which they call their new home, and as proud Filipinos who’s home country celebrates 119 years of Independence.

The start of the evening will consist of cocktails and mingling, followed by a formal dinner.  In each dish, the Chef’s will showcase their refined palate and outstanding creativity as they come together and create a fine dining 6 course meal.  In each course, the Chef’s have used a variety of ingredients and techniques with the intention to harmoniously marry Canadian multiculturalism culinary infusion, while staying true – if not heighten – the authentic Filipino flavours.  Using both Canadian and Filipino ingredients, a fusion of taste dances in your mouth.

A few media panelists were honoured enough to witness the dishes prior to finalizing the ingredients.  The panelists included Editors from FCM (Filipino Canadian Magazine), Diaryo Filipino, Magnolia Magazine, TFCC (The Filipino Champions of Canada) and friend of Magnolia, Bernice Hill from food blog, “Dish in the Kitchen.” Part of the tasting was to determine whether the chefs were able to infuse the taste with multiculturalism without taking away from the original Filipino notes.  A part of the panelists job was to give proper feedback on the dishes, what they felt, what they tasted and if certain ingredients were overpowering another.

Each dish tells a story, and each dish was created with love, passion and pride.  If the tasting was any consolation, then the dishes at the gala will be extra-ordinary.

For ticket information, please see the event poster below.  Get your tickets now as again, seating is limited!

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