Spring is finally here and with the sun shining and the flowers starting to bloom it is the perfect time of year to attend events throughout the city where you can get all dressed up and not having to worry about the cold or snow.
Calgary is such a blooming city with many opportunities within it and lots of room to grow when it comes to talent and accepting new ideas for people to experience.

Muse Collective Agency is an agency based in Calgary where their main focus and goal in their business is to bring attention to certain causes and charities by also bringing the arts industry to life as well. In the past they have done a benefit concert to support the Global Generation Foundation which is a non-profit organization in which doctors are committed to improving access to quality healthcare through education. Now, their most recent event will be a Charity Fashion Show that will be in support of Transformation Textiles.
Transformation Textiles is a Canadian run organization in Egypt where they manufacture tie-on underwear made of scraps of fabric from large fabric factories as a feminine hygiene product for women in developing nations to give them the tools they need to stay in school. The organization had figured out a way to do two things at once and that is to manufacture thousands of underwear while reducing a huge amount waste. Studies have shown that 75% are less likely to drop out of school with the use of this organization.

The Charity Fashion Show will be happening on April 23rd 2014 at Commonwealth Bar & Stage where eight bachelorettes from Season 1 of The Bachelor Canada will be in attendance as they will be strutting down the runway in fabulous clothing from Ette, Lauren Bagliore & Gravity Pope. Jill Belland from Breakfast Television will be the host of the evening where incredible music will be played, great fashion will be seen and money being raised for this wonderful organization. It is an event that you will not want to miss!



Tickets are available at eventbrite.ca
For more information about the event you can go to www.musecollectiveagency.com

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