A huge success! Once again ParkShow has done it again by putting on an unforgettable event that promotes local artists and their work. Being in the arts industry can be very exciting but also tough since it isn’t like any other career. You have to be very creative and show your passion through your work. Having events like these puts up and coming designers into the spotlight and make their brand known.

Everything was so well put together with many sponsors like Barre Body Studio, Avenue Magazine, Fashion Magazine, Belvedere Vodka and many more.You saw all of the hard work that went into making this show a huge success and it paid off. What was very interesting about the whole event were the pop up shops from each of the designers that were being shown. It was different and also very interesting so that you could know more about that particular designer and know where they came from and how they started.

When each collection was introduced to the runway there was nothing that you couldn’t love I mean you could see yourself in each piece that graced the runway. Each designer also had their own style like Rebecca King for instance had the comfy look going with the bright floral pieces to the comfy hand knit shawls. Others had the more sexy appeal to it such as Suka Clothing & Hunt Amor with the beautiful body chains attached to each garment.

Every piece was so creative, refreshing and different from the next and styles that you wouldn’t see anywhere else.



Rebecca King

Luxx RTW

Camp Brand Goods

Kazz Clothing

EG Forge

Bano Eemee

Full video of the ParkShow and the featured designers coming soon.



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