Its an exclusive invite.  Going to the Louis Vuitton Cruse shows are top media/ publication editors, high profile fashion bloggers, celebrities and business moguls.  The Cruise show is where we see the resort collections first hand and up close.

Kirai Yamamoto at the Miho Museum for the LV Cruise 2018 show.

Other than the recognized director of LV, Nicolas Ghesquière, there was one man that inspired the resort show and the amazing collection.  His name is Kansai Yamamoto and he is a Japanese fashion icon.  Yamamoto is a pioneer designer and fashion icon who was born in Japan and gained worldwide fame with his designs.  Working with the likes of David Bowie, Elton John, and recognized in London and Paris.  Yamamoto is known for his offbeat sartorial allure and large-scale spectaculars and intricate costumes designed from classic kimonos and samurai pants.

The Sunday show was held in Kyoto Japan in the architecturally picturesque Miho Museum.  The first time that Vuitton has brought a cruise collection to the country which reflects a thriving local marketing and recognizing that it is a fashion magnet for customers from neighboring countries.

Michael Burke, Chairman and Chief Exec. Officer of LV,”One reason why we did Japan is because everyone in Asia wants to travel to Japan.  It’s different from years ago when nobody traveled to Japan.  It was insular.  Today, everybody – the Chinese, the Taiwanese, Indonesians – they all want to come and experience Japan, because Japan is so distinctive.”

“We have a number of clients that are not going to travel 12 hours to see a cruise show, so it is a necessity to bring cruise to them. First and foremost, this is a client-centric event,” he said.

It turns out hosting a show in a country that is known for it’s attention to detail and perfection was far more challenging than expected.

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2018 Show in Kyoto, Japan

Rila Fukushima opens the runway show.

“To get to perfection, it’s painful. So pulling off this type of event in Japan, paradoxically, is the most difficult,” Burke said, “…Japan is the antithesis of Brazil. [last year’s show. Brazil is known for it’s unpredictability] It’s all about perfection and repetition and making sure there are no surprises.”

“Kyoto brings permanence, craft, authenticity, history, provenance — these are all very important elements of luxury — and modernity needs to be brought through architecture,” Burke emplores.

Fan Bing Bing attends the LV Cruise 2018 show.

The Miho Museum had never hosted a fashion show on it’s premise prior to the LV show.  It was definitely bespoke and will ever occur again.

Daisaku Kadokawa, the mayor of Kyoto, noted at the show that next year will mark the 60th anniversary of the city.  This is in fact the same 60 year anniversary as Paris, France.

Have a look at the video above and let us know what you think and which outfits you liked the most.  Leave your comments, below!

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