“Permission to Relax” is one of the four inspirational sayings that is etched on the stemless Reidel wine glasses that Starbucks is using to debut their “Starbucks Evenings” program in Canada.

On April 5th, three pilot locations will start serving wine, craft beer and cider to their customers.  “We already have the customers in our stores,” Rossann Williams is quoted in the Toronto Financial Times, saying, “We are just extending the type of experience that they can have with this Evening’s menu.”


The program has been playing out in the United States for 5 years prior.  Though the chain has had to face large skepticism in regards to licensing wine while in competition with the likes of Tim Hortons, their European-style café offerings have proven to be a luxury item for the right market who has no qualms with purchasing coffee between $5-$10 a cup.

The enhanced menu will include higher-end “reserve” coffees and shareable appetizers such as bacon-wrapped dates, balsamic glaze, truffle popcorn – you know, what you would think to much on when out socially drinking with friends.  The beverage lineup will include Prosecco, red and white wine – both local and international, as well as a selection of craft beer and cider.

Tell us what you think of the new Starbucks program?  Would you be interested in going for a “night cap”? Leave your comments below.


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